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Sunday september the 6th, the third edition of the Amsterdam Jazz Festival takes place at the Amsterdam ArenA. To honour his 60/75 jubilee year, Hans Dulfer was consulted to select the artists that will play on this very special edition: Dulfer's Choice!

Next to many Dutch top acts (like Candy Dulfer and de Deeldeliers) Dulfer invited one of his absolute top favourites to perform at the festival: the world famous saxophonist/ vibraphonist Manu Dibango (81, born in Cameroon, since long a French inhabitant).
Manu Dibango had a massive hit 'Soul Makossa' in 1972. This exciting song had a strong influence on 'dance' music as we know it today. Did you know that the remake of Soul Makossa by Yolanda Be Cool is a hit once again?

Next to all the great artists he invited, Dulfer will perform with his own band of course!

For information and tickets check:





Dulfer enjoyed obviously!
Photo: Geert-Jan van Rooij

Thursday 28 mei 2015 Hans Dulfer celebrated his 75th birthday in the packed Amsterdam music venue 'De Melkweg'. It became an unforgettable evening, Dulfer found himself surrounded with his family, musicians, and a legion of fans.

Photo: Tom Moerenhout

Dulfer had a LOT to celebrate: he plays the tenor saxophone for 60 years, is band leader for 60 years, author/columnist for 50 years, married for 50 years, more than xx years 'father of' and holder of a record amount of Golden and Platinum albums in Holland and abroad. Whole 2015 will be a celebration of this unique jubilee year.

Proud daughter Candy Dulfer played as never before. Photo: Tom Moerenhout

With outrageous performances of Dulfer's own bands Dulferjazz and Dulferdance, Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff, DJ Feiertag!, the Deeldeliers, DJ's Franky D. & Ronald Linger and the 'Eternal Tenor battle' of Kiers & de Vries it became a legendary evening resulting in great memories for Dulfer and those who were there..

To honour his important contributions to the Amsterdam and national jazz scene, Dulfer received an award, the so called 'Andreaspenning' from the Amsterdam sub Mayor Pieter Litjens.

Photo: ANP Media

Film- and radio history
During the evening exclusive film material of Hans Dulfer 'over the years' was projected. Also his legendary jazz radio shows (In the Midnight Hour, Streetbeats and more..) were played..

The team of NL Kwadraat (the people behind the upcoming 'Dulferbook') with Hans & Candy Dulfer

Signing in for the upcoming Dulferbook!
When they entered the Melkweg, the audience had the possibility to sign in for the upcoming book about Hans Dulfer, with special discount! Author Nathalie Lans, who was present, will finish this unique book 'Dulfer The story of his life! Young & Foolish’ in the second half of this year. The book will be published in december (limited edition!). To be sure to own this interesting book (it is not only about Hans Dulfer but also about his view on 60 years of jazz- and social development) sign in now HERE for your copy! (please note: the book is in the Dutch language).

Author Nathalie Lans, Hans Dulfer and drummer Cyril Directie.


Click the image to sign in on your copy of the Dulfer book! (note: the book is in the Dutch language)

To be sure to recieve his copy, Hans signed in for the book himself too..

Hans Dulfer and Jerome Hol. Photo: Tom Moerenhout

Dulfer's Dulferdance band. With Jerome Hol, Cyril Directie, Eric Barkman, John Helder and DJ Joris Feiertag

Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff with Jan van Duikeren, Ulco Bed, Cyril Directie and Manuel Hugas

De Deeldeliers with Boris van der Lek, Dulfer, Jules Deelder, Bas van Lier and Eric Kooger

The musicians appeared to be hungry..

Hans Dulfer and the host of the evening, Koen Schouten. Photo: Tom Moerenhout

Benjamin Herman, Saskia Laroo, Hans Dulfer, Rob van de Wouw, Eric Barkman, Jerome Hol and Cyril Directie. Photo: Marijn Dulfer

Especially for this occasion the 'Kiers & de Vries Band' played. Wouter Kiers and Ruud de Vries didn't play with this band since 10 years! With: Joost Kroon, Robin Koerts, Nick Vos and guests Nippy Noya, Pape Seck, Boris van der Lek, Rinus Groeneveld and Suzanne Alt.

Special guest Joseph 'Defunkt' Bowie

Special guest Benjamin Herman

Photo review
For a great photo review of this unforgettable night, please view this page of photographer Tom Moerenhout.