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On thursday, may 28th there will be a big 'Route 75' party in the 'Melkweg', Amsterdam, to celebrate the 75th birthday of Dutch saxophonist Hans Dulfer.

Dulfer has a LOT to celebrate!. He has been playing saxophone for 60 years, is band leader since 60 years, is author/columnist for 50 years, is married for 51 years, is more than xx years “father of”, is keeper of a record amount of Golden and Platina album CD’s AND, coincidentally, was born 75 years ago on that date! And this last fact HAS to be celebrated!


On this unique event amongst many others the following artists will perform: Candy Dulfer (with a special line up!), multi-DJ Joris Feijertag with David Dam, trombone player Joseph Bowie, trumpeteer Saskia Laroo, the band The Jig, saxophonists Wouter Kiers and Ruud de Vries, DJ’s Frankie D. & Mulat, and many others. Many musicians and other people from the pop, jazz and dance world will be present.

Special request from Dulfer: please NO flowers, presents, speeches or dress code!

Tickets: click here